Friday, July 22, 2011

Mets Morning News: Wright's Return, Beltran's Deal-Breakers, Izzy Won'tbe Traded, & K-Rod Flips

David Wright, who has not played since May 15, will return to the Mets tonight in Miami. When asked if Wright would be eased into games, manager Terry Collins said:
"He's been off three months. He ought to be rested."
With the apparent imminent departure of Carlos Beltran, Collins added:
"I'm somewhat disappointed that we may not ever see the lineup we planned on having, because it was pretty good."
According to Newsday, Beltran will evaluate potential suitors based on two things: their pitching staff and being a designated hitter.
"Right now, if it happens that I have to choose between one of the two, then I have to sit down and say you know what, the decision will be based more on the chances of being able to say they have a good pitching staff," Beltran said. "Remember, baseball is about pitching, so you want to be on a team where they have a good pitching staff, because those are the guys that are going to get you to the playoffs."

"You can take maybe DH once a week, and that would be fun because it would give you like a half-day off. But every day, nah, that's not me. That also will play out in my decision."
The New York Times has reported that the Mets have informed Jason Isringhausen that he will not be traded.
The Mets feel that he can help Bobby Parnell learn how to do the job, and if Parnell cannot learn it, then Isringhausen can continue to do it himself.
And lastly, Francisco Rodriguez is such a gem. Did the Mets tell Milwaukee that K-Rod has anger issues?

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