Saturday, February 12, 2011

Murphy: Don't Call It A Comeback

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In an article by Kevin Kernan, of the NY Post, Daniel Murphy was quoted as saying: 

"Any time you kind of get something stolen from you, it makes you appreciate it a little more,” Murphy said of last season’s woes. “Since the day I got hit, June 2, I’ve been excited for spring training to start."

I believe that everything happens for a reason. If it weren't for Murphy getting hurt, the Mets would not have had Ike Davis, at least not so early in the season. Look how well that turned out.

I like Murphy, he's a hard worker and he hasn't complained once about the Mets moving him from one position to the next.

I have to be honest though. The idea of Murphy throwing to first base, in the direction of fans, scares the hell out of me. I hope he doesn't pull a Chuck Knoblauch and throw it in the stands.

Folks sitting behind the first base dugout may want to begin practicing their duck and cover moves.

For those fans who have stated that he apparently hasn't worked hard enough because his fielding isn't up to're ridiculous.

Hard work equals respect. I don't expect him to be a gold glover any time soon, or at all for that matter, but the hard work and dedication he has toward improving himself as a fielder is something other players should look at (ahem Ollie and Luis).

Luckily for him, he can hit. As long as he hits in the Spring Training, he'll find a spot on the roster.

 To read Kernan's entire story, click here.

Roger Clemens: My form was impeccable

According to Adam Rubin, Roger Clemens thought enough time had passed to joke about his throwing a broken bat, which he thought was the ball, at Mike Piazza during the 2000 Subway Series.

"I just remember my form being really good when I threw the bat. My form was impeccable. I fielded it perfectly. My arm angle when I whistled it on-deck was a little low."

What an idiot. Have fun in prison.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reyes Isn't Too Cool For School

Jose Reyes was in New York today to help Mayor Michael Bloomberg fight truancy and absenteeism in New York City schools.

As part of the "Wake Up, NYC" campaign, students can get a pre-recorded wake up call from Reyes and other celebrities.

As for baseball, Reyes is expected to report to Port St. Lucie on Tuesday.

In case you don't remember what Reyes contributed to the team last season, check out the video below.

Former N.Y. Governor Named Mediator in Mets/Madoff Mess

According to, former New York governor, Mario Cuomo, has been appointed by a federal judge to be the mediator in the Mets/Madoff case.

Bankruptcy judge, Burton R. Liftland, named Cuomo the mediator due to the fact that, "Special issues presented in the Adversary Proceeding that suggests referral to an appropriately experienced mediator."

Cuomo is the father of current N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

I wonder if Cuomo's a Mets fan?

Where in the World are Ollie and Luis?

I know that Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo don't stand much of a chance of making the opening day roster, but Sandy Alderson has said that both will be given the chance to try out.

Both players jobs are on the line, and both are no where to be seen.

I understand that they could be working out at home. What I don't understand is why you wouldn't decide to try and make a good impression with the new regime.

If I knew I was pretty much hated by everyone I worked with, including my old manager, and was then given the opportunity to still play, I would work my butt off trying to impress my new boss.

One way to do that is by showing up to camp early.

It may have no impact on their place on the team, but it certainly couldn't hurt. Don't underestimate the value of an attitude change. This is geared more toward Perez than Castillo.

Last season, Perez refused to take a minor league assignment to improve his pitching, and just plain sucked, on and off the field.

Alderson and Co. are giving him the opportunity to come to camp and possibly make the team. This would be the time to try and change your reputation.

Just a thought.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dolan Says Talk of Buying Mets is 'Erroneous'

So Charles Dolan is NOT buying the Mets. Shocking news...I know.

The Dolan family issued this statement:

"Recent blog reports regarding the participation of Charles Dolan in a potential bid for the New York Mets are erroneous. Neither the Dolan Family nor Cablevision or MSG are involved in any such effort."

As I said yesterday, the talk of a group of investors, led by Martin Luther King III, buying the Mets was a rumor run amuk.

This whole thing started with an unnamed financial source making this statement. It should be illegal to use unnamed sources in sports.

If you can't actually get a reputable person to comment and give you correct information, while allowing you to use their name, save us all the trouble, and don't report it.

Yes, I know I did myself no favors with reporting it yesterday as well. This is my way of saying enough is enough.

No more reporting rumors in regard to potential buyers.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MLK III and Investors Purchasing 100 Percent of Mets...Maybe

According to Adam Lowenthal of Mets Fans Forever, there have been rumblings that a group of investors including Martin Luther King III, Ed Kranepool Charles Dolan, and Mark Cuban could be placing an offer to buy 100 percent of the Mets and SNY, as early as tomorrow.

Oh my damn.

While this is just most likely a rumor run amuk, I'm sure it will have Mets fans buzzing.

The prospect of getting rid of the Wilpons is lovely, but will it really change anything?

Sure things will probably be swell at first during the honeymoon period, but what about after that ends? 

How do we know this group of investors will be any better than the Wilpons? I'm not saying they won't be, but how do we know.

I think at this point, Mets fans would embrace just about anybody who was willing to buy the Mets. There is such a hatred for the Wilpons that some fans can only concentrate on getting them out, and very little of their energy is being spent on finding out just who is actually offering to buy.

I, like every one else, am hoping everything works out for the best.

Just careful what you wish for.

Video: Rubin Talks with Emaus

Adam Rubin chatted with Rule 5 Draft pick Brad Emaus down in Port St. Lucie. Emaus discusses being picked up by the Mets, his discipline at the plate, and second base.

To watch, click here.

Mets Flex Packs on Sale

The Mets Flex Packs are now on sale. Prices are a little steep, but what else is new?

5-Game Flex Pack: Arm
11-Game Flex Pack: Leg
17-Game Flex Pack: First born

I have never had any kind of ticket plan with the Mets, and I don't plan on starting now.

I feel like I have to scrimp and save just to buy one ticket.

The price of just a single-game ticket it ridiculous, especially compared to other teams.

Say I want to sit behind the Mets dugout. Depending on the date and importance of the game, I have to pay anywhere from $108-$210.

Compare that to the Phillies, a team that has been considerably better than the Mets the past few seasons. Purchasing a seat behind the Phillies dugout costs $65. That's it. $65 no matter when the game is or who they are playing against.

The fact that they are consistent, and pretty cheap, with their ticket prices is what helps the Phillies fill their stadium every day. That, and they're kind of good too.

For actual Flex Packs prices, click here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wright Speaks About Team's Financial Situation and Reyes

David Wright spoke with Adam Rubin in Port St. Lucie today about Mets ownership, Jose Reyes' future with the team, and the 2011 roster. To listen, click here.

Nick Evans: Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride

When will Nick Evan ever be given the opportunity to play for the big league club. I'm not talking about just being called up. I mean actually making it into a game. Maybe more than one game (is that asking too much?).

Regarding Evans, Terry Collins stated: 

“All he’s done is hit. When he’s gotten his chances, he’s hit. I want to give him as good a chance as anybody to make this team. That right-handed power that he can possess off the bench -- or if he can play a couple of positions – would really give us some versatility."

Give the guy a shot. After all, he is out of options, and I don't think a player with an OPS between .800 and .900 throughout the minors this past season will last long on waivers.  

I personally feel as though he should have made the team coming out of spring training last season, and the times when he was called up, I feel as though he was wasted on the bench. What's the point of calling someone up if you're just going to sit them?

There were times last season where I forgot Evans was on the team, that's how little he was used when he was occasionally called up. SNY would pan the Mets dugout and all of sudden there was Evans, and I would ask "When did he get here?"

He'll have a tough time this year as well with the additions of Scott Hairston and Willie Harris.

Do I think he is an every day player? Well...let's not push it. I do think he would be good off the bench.

All I ask is that he is not over-looked this year.

Big Questions Surround the Mets

Anthony DiComo of asked the following three questions regarding the 2011 Mets:

1. Who's the second baseman?
2. Who's the center fielder?
3. Can Beltran and Jose Reyes still be stars?

The competition for second base will be between Daniel Murphy, Luis Castillo, Justin Turner, and Brad Emaus, whom the Mets selected in the Rule 5 Draft. This is the one position where, with the exception of Castillo, competition will be the greatest. As far as I'm concerned, Castillo stands no chance of making the opening day roster. He'll be given the opportunity, but it's not going to happen.

Justin Turner is more of a utility guy. As well as he hits, he lacks the defense and range needed to play second every day. He's valuable to the Mets, just not at second base. Murphy has potential at second, as does Emaus. That's why I say the Mets may choose to have a platoon at second early in the season between Murphy and Emaus.

I think Carlos Beltran will be the center fielder for the Mets on opening day, although, it should really go to Angel Pagan. Pagan is better defensively, and should be in the Mets long term plans. I don't see Beltran finishing the season as a Met.

As for question number 3, Reyes could be a star again assuming he can stay healthy for an extended period of an entire season. Beltran will be 34 this year, and his star has faded. He is not the defensive player he used to be, and his time in NY is running out.

These are just my answers to the questions. I feel, from years of watching professional sports, that the better player doesn't always get the job they deserve.

For some reason, however, I have a feeling that the Mets current regime will actually play the better player. I know...what a novel idea.

Players Showing Up to PSL

According to Adam Rubin, 27 players have already arrived in Port St. Lucie. That's roughly half of all those invited to Major League camp this year.

Among the players there are David Wright, Bobby Parnell, Daniel Murphy, Chris Capuano, Dillon Gee, Taylor Tankersley, and Nick Evans.

This is getting exciting! Only 7 more days, kids.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Time For Baseball

Football is finally over. BRING ON BASEBALL.

8 days left until pitchers and catchers.