Friday, October 15, 2010

Bobby's Running Out of Options

Bobby Valentine took himself out of the running for a job as manager of the Marlins. Seattle has now informed him that he will not be their next manager.

Hey Bobby, I hear there's job opening in Flushing.

Jon Heyman wrote for SI.Com that the Mets appear to be third or fourth in line as possible destinations for Bobby V. Now that Florida and Seattle are out of the running, perhaps his chances of coming to New York are looking a little better.

We can only hope.

Letters From Jeff

I got this e-mail from Mets ownership through Flushing Flash (which I still don't know how I get).

Dear Mets Fans:
We have heard from many of you over recent weeks offering suggestions and ideas on how to assemble a winning team. Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Your interest and support of the Mets is greatly appreciated.
We have been hard at work since the end of the season exploring ways to improve our club. As you likely know, this week we interviewed five candidates for General Manager - Allard Baird, Rick Hahn, Josh Byrnes, Sandy Alderson, and Logan White. They all are intelligent, creative and passionate about winning. They conveyed their honest assessment of our franchise and discussed how we can move forward on our pledge to give our fans the winner that they deserve.
We are continuing our search and expect to hire our new GM in the next few weeks. We will be in contact with you with more information and details soon.

Thanks, Jeff. Glad to hear the all the GM candidates discussed ways of making the franchise better. Now hire one of them, get out of the way, and let one of them actually do it.