Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mets Morning News: Wright's Rehab, Phillies Want Beltran, Keeping Reyes

David Wright went 2-4 in his fifth rehab start. He played nine inning for St. L ucie, and the Mets expect him to return for their series in Miami on Friday.

According to Adam Rubin, the Philadelphia Phillies have their eyes on Carlos Beltran, Scott Hairston, and Tim Byrdak. A source says the Phillies may be interested in acquiring all three players.

Bob Klapisch writes that it's, "Exciting to have Jose Reyes back, but for how long?" He also points out that Sandy Alderson may be using Mets fans to help sway the start shortstop into staying with New York.
One executive flatly said, "Sandy's crazy if he's [not trading Reyes] just to please the fans."

But there may be more to the Mets' plan than public relations. Goodwill is essential to their hopes of signing the shortstop this winter, and what better way to make Reyes feel wanted than by keeping him in front of his adoring fans as long as possible.


  1. How is pleasing the fans a crazy reason to not trade Reyes?!? That comment is crazy.

    Trading Reyes will risk ticking off a ***LOT*** of Mets fans. Some would cancel their season tickets. Some won't buy tickets to games for a long, long time. That trade would be detrimental to the fan base of this already faltering team. I'm bettin' the Mets front office doesn't want attendance like the Marlins are used to. Jose puts fans in the seats. Citi Field would be an echo chamber with him getting traded.

    And Bob Klapisch doesn't help things by saying, "but for how long."

  2. Agreed. Mets fans will be up in arms for years about Reyes if the Mets don't keep him. I think the Mets have made it clear that they are not looking to trade him. All you can ask for as a fan right now, is that the Mets put forth the best offer they can and hope for the best. At the end of the day, it will be Reyes' decision. Does he really want to play in New York, or is he in it for the money.