Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mets Morning News: Wright & Reyes Errors, Will Santana Pitch This Year?

Jose Reyes discussed he and David Wright's disastrous day in the infield with reporters. The combined four errors allowed for three unearned runs to score.
"That happens sometimes. This is baseball. We just try to do our job and sometimes we're going to make a mistake. Hopefully, it's not going to happen too much."
It's not looking like Johan Santana will be making any kind of appearance for the Mets this season. According to manager Terry Collins, the only game he'll be pitching in for New York this season is in a simulated game.
"The gameplan has been to get him in some competitive situations where he finds out how he feels bouncing back from each and every outing," Collins said. "(Sunday) I’m hoping that we hear that his recovery is fine and his long toss session is fine and he can get ready for whatever his next time pitching will be...If I don’t think he’s ready to pitch, I’m not gonna pitch him."

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