Friday, September 16, 2011

Mets Morning News: Quitters Never Win, Pitchers Can't Hit, Wright'sTired

In case you missed it, after yesterday's loss to the Nationals, manager Terry Collins had a mini meltdown in his post-game press conference.
"The perception I have right now: We folded it up. And I won’t stand for that," he said. "You want to see me be intense? You guys are going to see it. I don’t play that game."
Between the poor pitching, nearly non-existent offense, and daily fielding errors, the Mets are certainly playing like a team who has been eliminated.

Everybody knows that pitchers are generally not hitters. This is especially true for the Mets. According to the New York Times, Mets pitchers rank second from last in the National  League with a .102 batting average. The only other team worse at the plate than the Mets, is the Pittsburgh Pirates.
"In spring training, maybe we need to make an adjustment and get more work at it," the hitting coach Dave Hudgens said. "We probably waited too long to do that. Usually pitchers are pretty good athletes. They should be more competitive with the bat."
David Wright has been horrendous in the field during this past homestand. He's committed eight errors in the past ten games.
"I haven't been playing well," Wright said. "Sometimes there's nothing to say except that you're not playing well defensively. It's the middle of September, so obviously I think everybody's a little tired, including me. But you try to make the plays. Sometimes you make them and sometimes you don't."
Umm...of all the people on this team, Wright should be the least fatigued, seeing as how he had about two months off due to injury.

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