Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mets Morning News: Looking For A Cheap Closer, Tejada Is A Key Player,Potential Investor Picks Yankees Instead

Mike Puma of the NY Post writes that general manager Sandy Alderson is likely not spending big money on a closer this offseason. Seeing as how no one currently on the Mets seems to be a "proven" closer, Alderson will have to search elsewhere.
The likely scenario has the Mets acquiring a cheap, proven veteran and hoping they get lucky -- in much the same manner they did with Jason Irsinghausen this year.
Alderson isn't bothered by the fact that none of the current crop of Mets pitchers appears qualified for the job.
"I'm not troubled by it," Alderson said. "One of the reasons that you try a variety of possibilities is to sort through it all. We know more than we did a month and a half ago, and that is a good thing."
Brendan Prunty of The Star-Ledger believes Ruben Tejada could be a "key player" in the Mets' future. Tejada has been proving as of late that he can fill in for Jose Reyes, and he's happy about that.
So were the Mets, who got another glimpse of why losing Reyes in the offseason to free agency wouldn’t necessarily be a death knell to the franchise. Sure, they would miss the electrifying speed at the top of the batting order and the power that comes with Reyes, but Tejada showed once again that he is growing more capable of taking over the shortstop and leadoff role.
According to David Waldstein of the New York Times, Ray Bartoszek, the wealthy former oil trader who had an interest in buying a minority stake in the Mets, has instead become the newest limited partner with the Yankees.
"My conversations with the Mets was a very interesting and positive experience, and I was able to parlay that into this great opportunity,” Bartoszek said. “I’m privileged now to be a part of this incredible group of owners."
As for his negotiations with the Yankees:
"It was done within 90 days of the initial contact," Bartoszek said. "It was the most straightforward negotiation I’ve ever been a part of."

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