Saturday, June 25, 2011

Power or Small Ball: It Appears This Team Uses Neither

David Wright and Ike Davis are on the disabled list. Carlos Beltran is 0-14. When he's not striking out, Jason Bay only likes to hit singles. Even Jose Reyes has cooled off as of late, taking a few 0-fers in the past week.

The Mets don't have power. That's okay though, as there are other ways to score runs than to hit home runs and extra-base hits. It's called small ball.

Unfortunately for the Mets, they don't play that very well either.

You can blame the Mets lagging offense on the absence of Wright and Davis, but that's a poor excuse.

In last night's loss to Texas, the Mets managed to get one extra-base hit. One. That's it.

The Mets at this point should know what they have to work with. They are not made up of home run hitters. They trail only the Padres and Twins for fewest home runs hit this season.

The problem is, they've shown that at times they're not made up of singles hitters, or bunters either.

Execution has hurt this team consistently throughout the season. How many failed bunt attempts have we seen so far this season?

Yes, Mets batters have had their moments this season getting hits in important situations, but not too often.

The lack of offense also places added pressure on the starting pitching.

Mets pitchers allowed three home runs last night, all of which were with men on base.

Granted pitchers need to step up their game, but with the offense this team has, it'll be nearly impossible to overcome any major deficits.

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  1. Playin' some small ball this afternoon! First 3 batters: 3-3. Ah but I guess the Mets'll still probably lose anyway. I hope I'm wrong.