Monday, June 20, 2011

'86 Obsessed Mets Fans Need To Let Go Of Backman

According to Mark Healey of Baseball Digest, the Marlins may be interested in Mets Double-A Binghamton manager Wally Backman.

I highly doubt Backman will have a shot at this, as Buster Olney of ESPN tweeted the following:

If this is true, however, I say go for it Wally.

Mets fans have this belief that Backman is being groomed to take over the Mets sometime in the next year or so. Many even feel as though he's the Mets' great hope. Their chance of becoming relevant again.

This is ridiculous.

Is he fiery? Yes. Does he have a World Series win under his belt? Yes. Has he proven he can lead a Major League ball club? That's a negative.

The closest he's been to being a Major League manager was in 2004 with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was hired on November 1, and legal and financial problems led to his release on November 5.

Sure he's had success with a hand full of single-A ball clubs. But single-A is a far cry from the majors.

After losing out on the Mets managerial job to Terry Collins this past off-season, Backman's consolation prize was manager of the Mets' Double-A Binghamton team.

As of June 19, the Binghamton Mets were 22-44 and 17.5 games out of first place.

Mets fans are obsessed with the 1986 Mets. They can do no wrong, even though that team was made up of players who did everything civilized human beings should not do.

Fans love seeing Backman, who was the Mets star second baseman in '86, blow up on the field after a bad call, or listen to his post-game tirades (Just Youtube it). As entertaining as they are for fans, it'll get old quick.

As someone who used to have a "yeller" for a coach, let me tell you, it's tiring. You eventually tune it out. That's not something you want your players doing when trying to win games.

So riddle me this Mets fans, if Backman had played for any other team, would you be shelling out the same amount of support for him to become manager?

All I ask is that Mets fans put aside their '86 nostalgia for a moment, and think about what Backman really brings to the table.

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