Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mets Morning News: Reyes Is Loyal, Seaver On Reyes, Beltran's a Leader

Jose Reyes will not be heading over to team Boras any time soon.
"I'm happy with Peter [Greenburg]. There is no chance I'm going to change my agent."
Tom Seaver, who was at Citi Field for Saturday's game, said the Mets better have a plan if they decide to get rid of Reyes.
"If you're trading a franchise player -- and when I was traded they didn't have that kind of thinking -- then you're in a regroup mode. I'm not saying a rebuilding mode, but a regroup mode.

"The people they have now are too smart not to have a plan for regrouping, and a time plan and a people plan. Where are there weaknesses? What are they shooting for?"
Carlos Beltran has been a leader on the field, and now he is also taking a bigger leadership role in the clubhouse as well. Beltran claims he's always been this type of leader, but just now the media is catching on.
"Terry (Collins) is making things like that public. But that's the way I've always been. It never changed I don't think. I haven't done anything different from the years I've been here."
Steve Serby sat down with Dillon Gee for a Q & A. Here's a quick blurb in which we learn that Gee may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed as a kid.
Q: Jared convinced you to jump off the top of your house wearing a backpack with a sheet attached, which would serve as a parachute?

A: We lived out in the country (Cleburne, Texas), and there was nothing to do, so we had to entertain ourselves (smiles). We got the bright idea that tying bedsheets to a backpack would make a parachute. And then I was the test dummy, probably. After he threw a couple of stuffed animals off the roof, going, "Hey look, they kinda come down soft!", he was probably like, "You're next!" I guess it must have helped a little bit because I didn't die, but (smiles). . . . It wasn't like I hit straight on the flat ground, I kinda could hit and roll a little bit.

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