Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mets Morning News: K-Rod, and Blue Eyes

Francisco Rodriguez was none too pleased by reports that he would like a trade to the Yankees.
"I'm another employee. They can do whatever they think is best for the organization, for the team. But that's two different things. It's one thing if they come up to you and say they want to trade you. It's another thing that's like 'Go out there and trade me.'"

"I'm irritated by the situation already. Because definitely I didn't say 'Trade me to the Yankees. I want to go to the Yankees. I want to go somewhere else.' I didn’t say that."
In case you missed it yesterday, Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton shared his theory on blue-eyed batters.
"Guys with blue eyes have a tough time. It's just hard for me to see (at the plate) in the daytime. ... It's just what it is. Try to go up (to the plate) squinting and see a white ball while the sun is shining right off the plate, you know, and beaming right up in your face."
If you're wondering, yes, Jason Bay has blue eyes.

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