Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mets Morning News: Good News For Carter, Collins To Stay Through 2013,Reyes To Play In Finale, Madoff Ruling

Gary Carter received some good news yesterday. The spots found around his right temple were determined by doctors to be benign. His daughter, Kimmy Bloemers, gave an update on her Hall of Fame father in the family's online journal:
"Dad has been extremely tired during these days of chemo, which has been expected," Bloemers wrote. "After he finishes his last pill tonight, he will start to do more activity for his body. The doctor has emphasized exercise, healthy food intake and rest when needed. Dad will start to do physical therapy to get his joints and muscles moving as he pushes through the exhaustion."
General manager Sandy Alderson announced Tuesday that the Mets were going to exercise Terry Collins' option for 2013, meaning he won't go into next season as a lame duck.
"We're very pleased with the job Terry has done," Alderson said before Tuesday night's game against the Reds. "He's just done a terrific job of leading our team under sometimes difficult circumstances. In all of those circumstances, he has not used injuries or trades or anything else as an excuse for the team's performance.

"This is something we feel he's earned as the result of this season. We've made every effort to change the perception of the New York Mets, and Terry's gone a long way toward that."
Today could possibly be the last time Jose Reyes plays in a Mets uniform, and manager Terry Collins will allow Reyes to play in the season finale. Collins did indicate, however, that if Reyes were to get a few early hits and remain ahead of Ryan Braun in the batting title race, he would likely pull the shortstop to protect his hamstring.
"He deserves to have the attention that (today) may bring on him," Collins said. "I hope it’s just the beginning of many more years here. But he needs to be recognized for the kind of player he’s been in this uniform. If we can do that, in the right situation, I think it’s a must that you do it."
In case you missed it yesterday, Judge Jed S. Rakoff ruled that madoff trustee Irving Picard's lawsuit may go forward, but the amount of money he may be able to recover from the Mets could be significantly lower than the $1 billion.
In a statement, Sterling Equities, the family-run business behind the Mets, said it was "pleased that the court today dismissed 9 of the 11 counts in the Trustee’s complaint, and that the lone remaining count in which the Trustee seeks to recover payments from the Sterling Partners is limited to a two-year period."

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