Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jose Reyes Is Your 2011 NL Batting Title Champ

Following the bunt heard 'round the world, Jose Reyes finished his season with a .337 batting average, beating out the Milwaukee Brewers' Ryan Braun.

After winning the title, Reyes released the following statement:
"I just want to say I’m humbled and honored to win the batting title. It means so much to my family and my country, the Dominican Republic. I have been through a lot over the past few years so this really means a lot to me. It’s also very special to be the first Mets player to win a batting title. There have been so many great players throughout our history. I want to thank Terry Collins, my coaches and all my teammates and of course all the Mets fans who have always supported me and been behind me 100 percent."
Of course nothing could be as simple for the Mets as just winning something. No, there had to be a little controversy. Once Reyes laid down his first inning bunt, Terry Collins pulled him out of the game so that he would finish the day 1-1, and hold onto that .337 average.

Many fans have been up in arms over the move, which Reyes admitted after the game was his plan all along. Fans feel he should have remained in the game.

There have even been other baseball players chiming in on the situation. I'm looking at you C.J. Wilson.

Wilson, who pitches for the Texas Rangers, couldn't believe that Reyes would leave the game to prevent his average from dropping. He went on to call it a "bush league" move.

Do yourself a favor, Mr. Wilson, and shut it. You have never, and just like 99.9 percent of the fans complaining, will never be competing for a Major League Baseball batting title.

You do not know what you would do in that situation. So quit acting all high and mighty. Reyes isn't the first player to pull themselves out of a game to win a batting title, and I an guarantee he won't be the last.

For those of you comparing the way Reyes ended his season to the way Ted Williams ended his season all those years ago to win the batting title, playing both games of a doubleheader, give it a rest.

And one last thing. To some of the fans who are upset that they only got to see their favorite player for just a few brief minutes, guess what. There were about 80 other games you could have gone to this season to see him.

Jose Reyes brought the New York Mets their very first batting title. It's something that Reyes can be proud of for the rest of his life. It's something the fans should be happy about as well.

Quit dwelling over how this all ended, and enjoy the fact that someone on this team won SOMETHING this year.

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