Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mets Morning News: Good News On Ike, Giants Interested In Beltran

The Mets finally received some good news about Ike Davis' bruised left ankle, after the first baseman ran on a treadmill Thursday and Friday.
"I got a very, very good report today that the ankle is responding very, very well," Terry Collins said. "No discomfort. Of course, the big challenge will be when it is 100%, when he gets on the ground and starts running."

David Waldstein of the New York Times, has a nice feature story on Bobby Parnell and his ability to light up the radar gun.
He doesn’t have an exceptionally long arm, or powerful thighs, or a high-stress windup and delivery.

But somehow Parnell, the Mets’ new eighth-inning setup man, can do what all those great pitchers could do, and perhaps even a little more of it. Somehow he can discharge lightning bolts out of his hand in the form of a baseball traveling over 102 miles per hour.

According to the NY Post, the Giants may be interested in Carlos Beltran, and Beltran may not object to heading to San Francisco if it means reaching the postseason.
"I want to play baseball, have a chance to make the playoffs and win a championship," said Beltran, who has appeared in two postseasons, one with the Astros, the other with the Mets. "That's why you work hard your whole career to try and be in a position so you can win a World Series. That's my goal."

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