Friday, June 17, 2011

Mets Morning News: Reyes, Bringing Home Kazmir, & Preventing a Fire Sale

Jose Reyes had his 100th hit of the season last night, and set a new team record for achieving the milestone in such a short period of time. Lance Johnson previously held the record. With Reyes playing so well, don't expect Terry Collins to give him time off.
"If he's not playing in the All-Star Game, there might be an investigation. So he's not going to get the other days off some of those other guys are going to have. So there's a time right there when there's a possibility I might grab a day, in that spot. Because that's a long haul in the middle of July to play."
Sandy Alderson stated the Mets would consider picking up former Mets prospect Scott Kazmir who was released by the Angels on Wednesday.
"We look at everybody who hits the wire, and the same would apply to him."
The Mets recent success could help prevent a fire sale by the July 31st deadline. Alderson said:
"Certainly, what's going on now affects our thinking over the next several weeks. It definitely matters. The short answer is we still have a long-term plan, but we have short-term goals, as well. The team is playing well and I think fan interest is picking up. Both of those things are important factors and I think we need to be mindful of the present while thinking of the future."
MLB overturned the ruling from last Saturday's game against the Pirates in which two runs were charged to R.A. Dickey after a Andrew McCutchen double. It was changed to a fielding error by Daniel Murphy.

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