Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mets Morning News: Braves Play Dirty, Anti-Bullying, & Gee's NoWorrywart

Did the Braves try to slow down the Mets' running game Tuesday night?
"A new chapter began Tuesday night when the Braves, in what appeared to be an overt attempt to slow Jose Reyes and the Mets' running game, soaked the infield dirt to the wettest level that Reyes, for one, said he had ever seen.

It was so wet and muddy that Reyes slipped three times. The Mets complained to Major League Baseball because they considered the conditions a safety issue, if not an overt tactical advantage for the Braves."
The Mets are looking for an organization to partner with to begin a general anti-bullying campaign. Unlike the San Francisco Giants who have recorded a video for the It Gets Better Project, the Mets plan to campaign for the end of all bullying.
"We are interested in inclusiveness. If you target one specific subset, what about the other groups that are bullied?"
Dillon Gee has risen to be the Mets unofficial "ace" so far this season, and possibly the most care-free pitcher on the team.
"If Gee frets over anything, the Mets have yet to discover it. On the mound and in the clubhouse, he seems perpetually at ease, a man seemingly without a care in the world. It is his most distinctive trait, and it is part of what has made him an All-Star candidate in his rookie season."
Injury Updates:

Justin Turner is expected back in the lineup Thursday against the lefty. Turner injured his thumb earlier in the week while fielding a ground ball.

Josh Thole is just fine. Thole was pulled after getting hit in the knee with a pitch in Tuesday's game. Terry Collins told reporters that Thole left the game only so a double-switch could be made to allow Francisco Rodriguez to pitch multiple innings if necessary.

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