Monday, June 13, 2011

Mets Morning News: Beltran Thinks Reyes Should Stay, Mets Want An Error

Carlos Beltran wants the Mets to keep Jose Reyes.
"He grew up in this organization. I don't know what's in his mind, but players like him, they don't come too often. He's had nothing wrong with him. He's playing the game and having fun every day, so you want to have a player like that."
The Mets have appealed to Major League Baseball to have Andrew McCutchen's hit in Saturday's game changed to an error (Committed by Daniel Murphy).
"The team wants the ruling changed to an error, which would deduct two earned runs from R.A. Dickey's line. The process will not likely be resolved until mid-week."
In general Major League Baseball news, MLB and the Players' Association are considering realigning the leagues.
"According to a highly-ranked executive, one proposal raised in ownership committee meetings was eliminating divisions altogether, so that 15 AL and 15 NL teams would vie for five playoff spots within each league."
This move would also require a National League team to move to the American League. As of right now, that team would appear to be the Houston Astros.

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