Monday, June 27, 2011

Mets Morning News: Business With The Yankees, Niese To See Doctor

The Mets and Yankees don't like to do business all that often, write Brian Costa of the Wall Street Journal. Over the years, the two teams have made just nine trades with one another, none of them blockbusters. Former GM Jim Duquette remembers the Mets' former owner Nelson Doubleday refusing to help the Yankees.
"There was no way we wanted to trade with the Yankees. I remember [former co-owner] Nelson Doubleday saying, 'I'm not helping the [expletive] Yankees.' The point was made."

Jon Niese will be checked out by doctors in Detroit on Tuesday. Niese left the game in his last start due to a rapid heart beat.

Chris Capuano will make his next start. He was pulled from his last start after suffering an abdominal issue.

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