Friday, July 29, 2011

Mets Morning News: Santana's Rehab Start, Wheeler, Alderson's DoneDealin'

Johan Santana completed his first rehab start with St. Lucie Thursday night. He threw 33 pitches, 26 of which were for strikes. Don't let the good news fool you though, rehabilitation pitching coordinator Randy Niemann says Santana still has a ways to go before he's big league ready.
"There is a big gap. I believe you take that guy out to a major league mound right now and he'd give you everything he's got. Physically, his shoulder's just not ready right now. We hope over the next month, we can build up the strength and recovery. It's paying off, but we have a ways to go.
Sam Borden of the New York Times sat down with new Met Zack Wheeler.
He initially thought he was not going to be traded at all. Wheeler woke up Wednesday morning and saw on his Twitter feed that his teammate and friend Gary Brown was rumored to be involved in the deal for Beltran.

"Then I went downstairs and turned on the television and saw that actually I was the one who was probably being traded," Wheeler said.
According to Newsday, general manager Sandy Alderson is most likely done wheelin' and dealin' before the trade deadline.
"By trading Carlos, we've made it a little tougher on our remaining players and the Mets club," Alderson said Thursday in a conference call with reporters. "I'd be very reluctant to make it any tougher on them. I really have some confidence -- real confidence -- that this group is going to respond to this change as they have to other situations earlier in the year.

"I really believe that this group still has the kind of persistence and tenacity that could lead them to some positive things this year. Unless something extraordinary was to come up -- I wouldn't rule it out -- but for me personally, I'm reluctant to make many other changes. I like the group that we have."


  1. Alderson likes "the group that we have"?? Really?? I'm not sayin' the Mets should deal to make at a run at the Wildcard but with this pitching staff you almost never know what you're gonna get. These guys are pretty decent looking one game, lookin' like a good ball club who wants to make a run at it . . . and then the next night they're downright ugly and it's back to the same ol' Mets. With the financial woes and the money needed to sign Reyes, I really don't know how they can remedy that in the off-season. Gotta believe, though. Gotta believe!

  2. Honestly...who knows what's up Alderson's sleeve. He could just be feeding the media a line about the team. We'll find out soon enough.