Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mets Morning News: Mets Better Not Quit, Pagan's Health, Wright's Errors

Manager Terry Collins warned his team that they better not quit if/when Carlos Beltran is traded.
"You're going to hear guys say, 'The front office is giving up on us,' or 'We don't have a chance now' or 'We didn't get much for him,' " Collins said.

Then he offered a warning shot: "We've got guys that are playing for their jobs, too. The minute they give up and quit, they won't be here next year. I want the guys to play 162 [games] and play hard."
Right on cue, Mike Pelfrey made the exact comment that Collins had just warned against.
"I understand that if you want to get something back for him you have to trade him. But in the same sense I would think if we ended up getting rid of him, the front office's view is that we don't have a chance, because he gives us our best chance to win. If he's not here, then they felt we can't rebound from where we're at."
Angel Pagan underwent some bloodwork in Cincinnati on Monday. The center fielder has been experiencing dehydration and dizziness for the past week. He left Sunday's game because of the issue.
"He told me after the game that for about a week now, right in the middle of the game he just starts to lose energy," Collins said. "So we're just giving him a little check-up."
David Wright committed his third error in four games since returning from the disabled list.
"I just feel off in the field," Wright said. "It's probably just the fact that I concentrated so much on hitting and getting a ton of at-bats. When you think back at it, I got, I think, two ground balls in [minor league] game situations. Assuming that it's kind of like spring training, I feel horrible the first couple of weeks, and then from there you get better and better. Hopefully that's the case."

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