Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rejoice Backman Fans, He's Not Going Anywhere...Yet

According to William Ladson, Wally Backman will not be joining the Washington Nationals coaching staff in 2012.

That means some of your hopes and dreams of Backman joining the Mets are still alive.

Mike Puma of the NY Post wrote on Tuesday that Backman was considering joining the Nationals as a third base coach.
The source said 68-year-old [Davey] Johnson may look to groom Backman for the managerial job, much in the same manner Bobby Cox took Fredi Gonzalez under his wing with the Braves before retiring.
A few of the coaching positions still available for the Mets are bench coach and first base coach.

Puma also suggests in The Post that Backman taking a job with the Nationals would have meant he was looking for the fastest route to becoming a big league manager.

Well, you know how I feel about Backman becoming a manager, or at least manager of the Mets. If not, click here.

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