Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mets Morning News: Davis Tired Of Playing Waiting Game, Turner'sInjury, Pelfrey Doesn't Believe

Ike Davis told reporters on Friday that Labor Day will have to be the day the Mets make their decision on whether or not the first baseman has surgery or not.
"Labor Day is basically the cutoff day when I would have enough time to be healthy if I did have surgery for the next year," he said. "Around Labor Day, that would give me enough time to get back on the field. Around that day is when I’m going to try to start running again, see if this rest helped me or not and go from there."
He later added:
"I’d rather not have surgery. I would like to avoid it, but if I can’t get better without it, I have to have surgery. To tell you the truth, I wish — obviously that I didn’t have to — but also, just waiting to have surgery and rehabbing to have surgery, it would be nice to just get it done if I have to have it done. The waiting game is kind of getting old."
Don't expect to see much of Justin Turner on this road trip. Turner has been battling a right quad injury, and manager Terry Collins has decided to give him a break.
Turner suffered the injury roughly two weeks ago when the Marlins' Logan Morrison crashed into his quad on a double play and he's been fighting through it since. The worry now is that if Turner keeps favoring it, the problem will further put a strain on the hip and maybe his groin as well.
Finally, in an attempt to maybe stir up some trouble, the NY Post has Mike Pelfrey admitting he didn't have much hope for this 2011 team.
"It's unrealistic for anybody at the end of last year to come in and say, 'The Mets, this is a one-year thing, next year we're going to win it all. It's unrealistic."
Pelfrey then said:
"The way this year has gone, [the fans] probably don't want me back."
Got that right, Pelfrey.

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