Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mets Morning News: Contract Extension, Shuffling The Rotation, MovingThe Walls In

Despite the "super job" that manager Terry Collins has done with the Mets this season, there has been no discussion of a contract extension. General Manager Sandy Alderson stated:
"That's something we'll not even think about until the end of this season."

According to The Star-Ledger, as the season goes on, Terry Collins plans to shuffle his starting rotation, allowing pitchers to get an extra days rest.
"There’s the possibility that we’re going to give guys an extra day in the month of September to help them reach the finish line...There’s always the chance of the fatigue factor as you’re getting later into the summer, but I don’t think it’s major because the longest stretch we have, we just completed."
Speaking of the rotation, according to David Lennon of Newsday, the 2012 starting rotation will look an awful lot like 2011's.
"You know those guys [Phillies starters] are going to be there," Alderson said, "and we want to match up as well as we possibly can. But it’s about all of the elements of the team, not just the starting rotation."

That’s why Alderson isn’t targeting that area for a major upgrade this offseason, with the plan of investing those resources elsewhere. The GM will need to devote most of his offseason budget for the fund to re-sign Jose Reyes. Whatever might be left over will have to be spent on bullpen help.

"Right now, except for some concern about the depth of our rotation, it’s a fairly solid part of the team," Alderson said. "The bullpen is probably our bigger concern. With the rotation, we don’t have guys that have been dominant per se. But they’ve pitched well, they’ve pitched consistently, and for the most part, kept us in ballgames."
GM Sandy Alderson admitted to the New York Times that it may be time to begin thinking about moving in the walls at Citi Field, although, the decision would not be based on the current Mets team.
"It is probably something we need to think about. It’s not something we need to decide with regard to the team we have now...It’s something we need to decide with regard to the team we want to have in the future."
Alderson did change the dimensions at Petco Park after his first year with the San Diego Padres.

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