Friday, August 12, 2011

Mets Morning News: Collins Done Giving Speeches, Acosta Available, DudaIn The Outfield

Following Thursday afternoon's loss, manager Terry Collins had this to say:
"I can’t keep giving speeches. I can’t keep giving these guys pep talks. This is the big leagues. These are men. They have to realize what they’re facing. They have to realize what it takes to play here 162 times. They know exactly what they’re looking at. They know it’s the steepest climb of their life. ...

"As I’ve said before -- and I don’t necessarily mean young players -- there’s a lot of guys playing for jobs here, on this team. I want 25 guys next year that are willing to give me all they have 162 nights."
In other words, the entire team has been warned, and I don't think Collins would hesitate to cut or bench anybody from the team next season.

Half of Manny Acosta's fingernail on his left pinkie was torn off on the comebacker Tuesday night. An x-ray showed that nothing was broken, and he will be available out of the bullpen.

Following Thursday's game, Collins said that Lucas Duda could be sent to the Instructional League at the end of the season to work on playing right field.
"I still believe that’s why you have spring training. He’s played enough outfield, especially the last two years, that we’ll have time. The worst-case scenario, at the end of this year if we’re not in the postseason, we say, 'Hey, look, we’ve got to get him ready for the outfield,' I’ll send him to the instructional league for two weeks. What the heck? Let him go down there and get fly balls every day."


  1. >>"at the end of this year if we’re not in the postseason"

    HA! That actually made me laugh! But I like Collin' attitude; he hasn't thrown in the towel. It's difficult to imagine there being a chance, but one miracle 10 game winning streak and they can be right back in the hunt. Doubtful yes. Impossible no.

  2. P.S. thanks for the quotes you put up. I don't have the time to go read everything in the papers so I really appreciate your "Mets News" posts!

  3. You're welcome, and thanks for reading!