Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mets: A Whole Lot Of Nothing Happening Here

No news is good news, right? 

There has been absolutely nothing, zilch, nada happening with the Mets the past few days. Until something fantastic comes along to share with you, I'll just fill you in on a little gift I received this weekend.

My aunt and uncle have been going through all of the stuff in their attic and my uncle ran across a few Mets goodies.

One of the items was the New York Mets 1986 Yearbook. The second was the book, If At First...A Season With the Mets, by Keith Hernandez and Mike Bryan.

I'll be sitting down to read Hernandez's and Bryan's book in the next few days. I have to be honest with you, I haven't read too many books regarding the Mets.

With that, I ask you this question: What is the best book you have ever read about the Mets?

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