Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Few Holiday Gifts Courtesy Of The New York Mets

The countdown to Christmas (and Hanukkah) has begun. As you rush around trying to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family, check out some of the lovely items offered from the New York Mets.

I'm not quite sure what this is, or why you'd get it. The New York Mets Forest Face is like the Mr. Potato Head for trees. If you are interested, you can find the real Mets Mr. Potato Head here. Who wouldn't want this thing staring back at them as they look out their window? It's going for $24.99.

Next up is the New York Mets Garden Gnome. Standing at 11.5" tall, this little guy looks a lot like some of our Mets do during the season, like a deer in the headlights. Perfect accessory to any Mets fans lawn. Also going for $24.99.

New York Mets Comfy Throw. Yup. It's a Snuggie. $19.97 for one of these bad boys.

Then there's the Topperscot New York Mets Elite Nutcracker. These things are just creepy looking. I'd give this one to a family member you're not real fond of. $24.99.

Haha. Yes, this is a John Maine bobblehead. Why would anyone want this? I don't know, but it's there and it's only $11.97.


  1. We found some of the same strange items that our teams sell...

  2. I would love to know who buys any of these things.