Monday, August 15, 2011

Mets Morning News: Reyes May Not Return, No Help For The Bullpen,Signing Nimmo

Terry Collins doubts Jose Reyes will be back in the lineup once he is eligible to return from the disabled list on August 23. Collins told reporters that the shortstop has not even resumed baseball activity.
"Not to my knowledge, he has not," Collins said. "I know that when we left, they said for the next three days, he’s going to rest."
Don't expect any help for the Mets bullpen anytime soon. Collins told reporters after Sunday's game that the Mets will not add any minor league pitching to the bullpen until the rosters expand on September 1.
"I’m going to let them finish out the year" in the minors, Collins said. "We’ve brought up about everybody there is in Buffalo, I think, at some time this summer. So we know what they’ve got."
The deadline for signing draft choices ends tonight at 11:59 p.m., and the Mets are hoping to sign their first round pick Brandon Nimmo. Nimmo is reportedly asking for $2.5 million, although his father, Ron Nimmo, says the asking price is different. If the two parties cannot work out a deal, Nimmo will enroll in classes at Arkansas next week.
"[The Mets] have some work to do," Ron Nimmo said. "There's some disparity.

"It's not all about the money. You get one shot at this deal and you're going to have to live off this for six years."

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  1. I wonder if in the span of just a few days Collins has thrown in the towel. Maybe not. Maybe he's just saying...

    We have nobody in Buffalo who can do any better than the schlubs we have now.

    That doesn't mean he's giving up on a miracle. It's not over until Mathematical Elimination Day but . . . realistically we're down to about 1% chance. Ya just can't quit, though. That would be cowardly.

    Ah well, I'm glad football's back.