Friday, July 15, 2011

Mets Morning News: No-Trade Lists, Davis' Ankle

The Mets open up the second half of the season with a three-game series against Philadelphia starting tonight. The pitching match-ups go as follows:
  • Friday: R.A. Dickey v. Vance Worley
  • Saturday: Jon Niese v. Cole Hamels
  • Sunday: Mike Pelfrey v. Kyle Kendrick
According to General Manager Sandy Alderson, Francisco Rodriguez's former agent, Paul Kinzer, never submitted a no-trade list to the Mets. This list was made up of ten teams K-Rod would have vetoed a trade to.
"His contract provided for a 10-team limited no-trade provision, so long as a list was provided by a certain date, which was roughly 2-1/2 years ago," Alderson said. "To our knowledge, that list was never submitted, and we proceeded with the trade market on that basis."
In case you missed it, Ike Davis will stay off his injured left ankle for another three weeks. If it does not show significant improvement by the end of that time, he will be undergoing microfracture surgery.

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