Thursday, April 14, 2011

When Will Fans Hold Players Accountable?

If the Mets continue to lose, it's only a matter of time before fans and the media begin turn their attention to management and coaches. It's inevitable. It happens most years, and with most other teams.

Why would Collins set up his line up like that? Mets hitters aren't doing anything at the plate, we should get rid of Dave Hudgens. The bullpen has been imploding. That must be Dan Warthen's fault.

You can blame the manager. You can blame the pitching coach. When will the day come when we start placing the blame on the players?

At the end of the day, managers and coaches can only do so much. You can only work with what your given.

It's been a rough couple of years, so what have the Mets done? New general manager? Check. New manager? Check. Pretty much the same group of players as last year? Check. As of right now, the same results as last year? Check.

Common denominator in all of this? The players.

When Jon Niese faced Troy Tulowitzki last night, did Dan Warthen force Niese to go to his worst pitch rather than the curveball? No.

Yet who do a lot of fans blame in situations like this? Warthen.

As for hitting, it shouldn't matter where a player is placed in the line up. Yes, I understand that it may effect what pitches the batter sees, but at the end of the day the players job is to hit, and at this level he should be able to hit whether he's in the two hole or batting eighth.

Now, there are players who are blaming their coaches. Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers blames his third base coach for making him round third and head home, consequently breaking his arm.

There's a thing called instinct. If your gut told you not to go, then you shouldn't have.

When are people going to stop blaming coaches, and starting pointing the finger at players?

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