Friday, September 21, 2012

Collins Apologizes After Implying Team Quit

After last night's bludgeoning, Terry Collins essentially called out his team by implying that they had quit.

Today, Collins decided to apologize for his comments. Apparently they're not quitters. They're all winners...

According to ESPN New York, Collins said:
"I don't want to ever challenge anybody's integrity," the manager said with a day to reflect. "That's wrong. My players are professionals. They didn't get here without being guys that played their hearts out all the time. Sometimes you say, 'What can I say that maybe will make them mad enough to say, 'You know, I'll show that little [jerk].'' That was maybe the way I tried to approach it last night. And I don't ever do that. So it might have been the wrong way..."
Collins tried to light a fire under this team and it turns out, he hurt some feelings in the clubhouse.

"Didn't sit well in that clubhouse." You know what doesn't sit well? Watching this poor excuse of a team go out day after day and find new, embarrassing ways to lose.

I watched the post-game last night and with the exception of Jeremy Hefner ( He appeared to be on the verge of tears), there wasn't a single interview that I watched and then thought to myself, "Wow, they really do care. They are just struggling terribly."

Ike Davis sounded as if he had better things to do than talk to the media (clubbin'?), and David Wright looked like the media was keeping him from getting to whatever he had planned for after the game.

Let's see...the media has just informed you that your manager basically called you quitters and you stand there and continue to look as disinterested as possible. Awesome.

At this point, Collins' future with the team is looking shakier than ever. But let's be honest, after last night, he's probably praying he gets fired. 

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