Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mets Offer Everything But The Kitchen Sink To Bring In Investors

Have $20 million laying around? Want to spend some quality time with Mr. Met? Well then the Mets have a deal for you.

Richard Sandomir of the New York Times got a hold of the document stating the terms of any potential deal with investors.

What are the perks being offered by the Mets? Feast your eyes on these:

  • A business card that will have "Owner" on it.

  • One parking space. If you're lucky, maybe two.

  • One opportunity each season to throw out the first pitch (So you better make it good).

  • Access to Mr. Met.

  • Chance to attend a road trip and stay in the team hotel. Don't think you have a choice in which city you go to, however. The Mets will choose that for you.

  • Chance to buy tickets to the All-Star game.

  • Discounted MLB merchandise.

Ready to write that check yet?

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