Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jose Reyes To The Marlins?

According to Dino Costa of SiriusXM Radio, Jose Reyes is going to be a Miami Marlin.

This has not been confirmed by anyone, so before you freak out, just wait for an official announcement.

If true, I question whether Reyes knows what "shop around" means. It means you don't sign with the one and only team you talk to.

At this point, I'm indifferent to Reyes leaving. They couldn't win anything with him, surely they can continue to lose without him.

Personally, I'm a little tired of seeing Reyes try and stretch a double into a triple and then wondering if his hamstring is still in tact.

If Reyes goes simply for the big payday, I won't be blaming the Mets.

If the Mets don't have the money, why bother hurting the team even more financially just to sign a player who is demanding a ridiculous amount of money?

Maybe the Marlins feel like going on a shopping spree, dishing out millions to players, but don't expect the Mets to do the same.

The whole argument from Mets fans that the Mets are a big market team means nothing to me. If they're broke, they're broke. Signing players to outrageously large contracts will not improve their situation.

Also, if you think that re-signing Reyes will turn the Mets into a winning team, I'm going to go ahead and guess that you have not watched the last five seasons.

If playing like a small market team will help the team turn itself around financially and put itself in a better situation a year or two from now, then that's the direction they need to head in.

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