Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Expect Mets To Make A Big Offer In Jose Sweepstakes

According to the Daily News, the Mets don't plan on offering Jose Reyes a six or seven year contract, and they might not even give him a five year deal.

I see no problem with this. Long term contracts tend to not always work out, so why tie yourself down to a player, especially a player who has had leg issues in the past.

The writer of this story, Andy Martino, threw in this little gem:
It appears unlikely that the Mets will make the highest offer — and while it would seem difficult for the team to compete in the National League East next year without him, Alderson conceded nothing.
Really? Because the Mets were just dominating the NL East with Reyes, right?

I didn't think so.

I still have no clue as to how this is all going to work out. The only thing I can guarantee is that the Mets will not be handing Reyes the best offer.

As I've stated before, if Reyes is sincere in his claim that he wants to be a Met, the two parties will find a way to make it work. Only time will tell.

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