Monday, October 31, 2011

Mets Make It Easier To Hit Home Runs With Wall Changes

The Mets are making changes to Citi Field.

According to a press release, the Mets are:
"Moving in portions of the outfield wall at Citi Field as much as 12 feet and lowering the height of the home run line to 8 feet throughout the outfield. The outfield wall will become blue in 2012 concurrent with the Mets 50thAnniversary season. The home run line and distance markers will remain orange.

The Mets will erect a new wall in leftfield starting between the New Era and Caesars signs and angled to the Citi sign in left-centerfield (see attached renderings).  The new wall will be closer to home plate by approximately 4 feet in leftfield and up to approximately 12 feet in deep left-centerfield.

A new wall will start in right-centerfield and extend toward the bullpen, and be as much as approximately 11 feet closer to home plate.  The fence in front of the Mo’s Zone/Modell’s Clubhouse will move in approximately 10 feet.  The distances from home plate to centerfield and the foul poles in leftfield and rightfield will remain the same."
Let's be realistic, these wall changes will probably make it easier for the other teams playing in Citi Field hit home runs, not the Mets.

Fans are finally seeing their team's colors displayed for all to see, and the walls are finally being moved in.

I don't want to hear or see a single fan complain the first time an opposing team benefits from any of these changes.

You wanted 'em, and now you got 'em.

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