Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daughter Of Former Mets GM Battling Kidney Disease

Next time you want to complain about players, coaches, managers, etc. not ding their job, think about Lindsay Duquette. The 9-year-old daughter of former Mets GM Jim Duquette has been battling a rare kidney disease since 2004.

Her story is featured in today's NY Daily News.

There are bigger things in life than baseball sometimes. Remember that.

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  1. There are always bigger things in life than baseball. It actually helps put food on peoples' tables and buy their kids school supplies and keep the bills paid... But most of us, it's just a game. It's fun to get all riled up about it, but we should all care about those in this world who suffer and really need a helping hand.

    My prayers are with the Duquette family.