Monday, September 5, 2011

Mets Morning News: Davis To Meet With Team, Pelfrey's Pitch Count,Collins Wants Same Staff In 2012

Well, it's Labor Day, the day the Mets said they could possibly make their decision as to whether or not Ike Davis undergoes surgery to repair his left ankle. Davis will meet with the team today in Miami, where the Mets training staff will watch him hit soft toss, field ground balls, and run.
"We'll all get together with the trainers and see what the next step is going to be," [Terry] Collins said. "He hasn't played in so long, you can't get too caught up in what you see. You've got to get caught up in how he feels. If he can start, stop and move around without difficulty, I think those are all good signs."
Mike Pelfrey had a high pitch count in yesterday's game against the Nationals. In the last 1.2 innings alone, he threw 65 pitches, 21 of which were fouled off. It also didn't help that he walked five batters. Pitching coach Dan Warthen says Pelfrey has the ability to be successful, but needs to cut down on the number of balls. Gee, ya think?
"He goes out there and tries not to give up runs, he starts getting too fine with his pitches. … He’s got the ability but you can’t strike anybody out until they have two strikes on them. He has the pitches, has enough of a slider, has enough of a fastball, but he has to be ahead in the count. Out of the stretch position he just throws too many balls."
According to the Daily News, manager Terry Collins wants his entire coaching staff to return next season. Of all the coaches on the staff, hitting coach Dave Hudgens is the only one with a two year deal.
"I do think they should all be back," Collins told the Daily News. "They all did a great job, and there is something to be said for stability."

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