Thursday, May 24, 2012

Conference Call With Rusty Staub

On Wednesday night, Mets bloggers had the opportunity to speak with Rusty Staub.

I decided to ask him about the upcoming Banner Day and how he, as one of this year's judges, would go about picking a winning banner.
“I think to pre-determine what I am looking for is crazy. I’ve seen banner day before. Some of the stuff has been very heartfelt, some of it has been very elaborate. To try and figure out which is going to look better than the other right now, I have no chance. I do think it’s a great thing the Mets are bringing this back. It was something that was a big day for the fans, and there is not a question there’s a lot of interest by a lot of the fans. I am looking forward to it myself. I think we’re all going to have a good day.”
Thanks to the guys over at Metsblog for transcribing the conference call. For more quotes from the conference call, click here.

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