Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gary Carter Loses His Battle With Cancer

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Gary Carter passed away this afternoon according to his daughter Kimmie Bloemers' recent journal entry.

The 57-year-old Hall of Fame catcher was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer in May of 2011.

The Mets released the following statement:
"On behalf of everyone at the Mets, we extend our deepest and heartfelt condolences to Gary’s family -- his wife Sandy, daughters Christy and Kimmy and son D.J.  His nickname 'The Kid' captured how Gary approached life.  He did everything with enthusiasm and with gusto on and off the field.  His smile was infectious. He guided our young pitching staff to the World Series title in 1986 and he devoted an equal amount of time and energy raising awareness for a multitude of charities and community causes.  He was a Hall of Famer in everything he did."
Our thoughts go out to the Carter family.

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  1. It's Saturday morning now and I just read the news . . . and I still have tears in my eyes.

    Was it Opening Day 1985, Carter's first (regular season) game as a Met, when he hit what they did not call back then a walk-off homer in the bottom of the 10th to (obviously) win the game for his new team? I wonder if I remember that correctly. I'm fairly sure I had brought a small kinda ear-sized radio to school to listen in class (since I think the weekday game was probably a 1:30 start) and then I saw the end of the game on WOR at home after school.

    I'm so sad right now.

    Yes, the Mets should retire his number and make a grand day out of it.