Saturday, January 14, 2012

R.A. Dickey Reaches The Summit Of Mt. Kilimanjaro

R.A. Dickey and his crew reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kevin Slowey, Dave Racaniello, and R.A. Dickey reached the highest point of Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

It wasn't easy, as chronicled in his blog for the New York Times, but he achieved his goal.
"The view was unforgettably magnificent, as incredible as anything I have ever seen. But as I took time to contemplate, I realized that the reason the view was so rich was the overall experience of the trek. We had walked approximately 40 miles and climbed 13,000 feet since the beginning of the journey, overcoming all kinds of adversities. All the while, we were building relationships with everyone from the porters to one another, sharing in our triumphs and helping one another in times of need."
Dickey began this journey to raise awareness for the Bombay Teen Challenge. The organization, "Rescues and cares for sex slaves in the brothels of Mumbai, cares for the children of sex slaves, juveniles roaming the streets, addicts and runaways."

Well done, R.A.

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