Friday, January 6, 2012

Mets Take To Twitter To Defend Bringing In Turnaround Consultants

On Thursday, Amazin' Avenue's Enon Sarris reported that the Mets had hired CRG Partners as turnaround consultants. These are the same consultants who handled the bankruptcy sale of the Texas Rangers.

The Mets confirmed with reporters that they have been in contact with CRG, but not for bankruptcy purposes.

The team even took to their twitter account today to discuss the matter with fans.

When asked what services were being offered, it looks to me like the Mets gave a nonsense answer. The question did not ask what services does CRG offer in general, it was what services are they providing for the team.

While bringing in turnaround consultants does not in any way mean the Mets are on their way to declaring bankruptcy, it certainly doesn't look good.

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