Monday, December 12, 2011

Mets Expected To Offer Pelfrey Arbitration

Don't expect to see Mike Pelfrey go anywhere any time soon.

Despite stinkin' up Citi Field and just about every other stadium he pitched in last season, the Mets still plan to keep him.

According to Dan Martin of the NY Post:
As general manager Sandy Alderson and manager Terry Collins have said repeatedly, despite Pelfrey’s regression in 2011, he still has value to the Mets, since he tossed 193 2/3 innings a year ago and that workload isn’t easily replaced.
He could throw 300 innings a year, I still don't care. What does it matter how many innings he throws if he is ineffective in 90 percent of them?

I haven't heard any good options for who could replace Pelfrey in the rotation, and I'll admit, I'm guilty of this myself. Fact of the matter is, Pelfrey is just not good.

Some argue that he has all of this potential talent and that he needs time. My response: How many years does a guy have to play in the big leagues before those excuses can no longer be applied? If he has all of this "talent" why have we hardly seen it during his years in New York?

All I know is that he needs to go...somewhere. It will make watching games a little less stressful with him not on the mound, and I can guarantee it will be a much healthier game without all of that hand licking.

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  1. My initial reaction was - since he's gonna be kept, let's give him a chance and see what he does in 2012.

    If his suckery continues, it'll make it interesting to see how bad we will end up come October. Worse than Houston? It'll be interesting and probably close.